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Trusts - the choices

Discretionary Trust et al - The choice of trust Trusts continue to play an important part in any estate-planning strategy for high net worth individuals, and most financial planners offering investment advice are aware of the added value that a "packaged" arrangement involving a trust may give. Most clients and their advisers are also aware of the benefits of trusts when used with pure life assurance protection arrangements.

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Charges - the compounding effect

 The effect of charges on investment returns

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How to cut the cost of investing

 Whilst the global economic outlook remains under very close scrutiny and the scarcity of investment returns continues, what can the investor do to maximise their chances to achieving good and sustainable Net returns?

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Long Term Care


Local authority assessment of Investment Bonds – impact on means testing for residential care

How could life assurance investment bonds be assessed in an assessment of residential care needs? Other assets, such as the family home, fall under different rules.

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Why consider Gift Aid?

The most common way for Individuals and Companies to make donations to a Charity is by means of Gift Aid.

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The taxation of corporate investments

Corporate investment involves consideration of the investment of corporate funds, mainly by private companies, UK resident companies which, as a consequence, are subject to UK corporation tax.

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The Need for Long-Term Care (LTC)

PIONEER helps to arrange and offers advice on Long-Term Care financial solutions.

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Professional Connections - Impact of the Legal Services Act (LSA) 2007 on Trustees and Trust Advisers

The Legal Services Act 2007 (LSA) introduced a fundamental reform of legal services in England and Wales. Its provisions are being introduced in stages. There are a number of measures being introduced, or currently under consultation, as a result of the LSA which impact directly or indirectly on areas such as estate planning, will writing, trusts and the relationship of financial advisers with other professions (especially solicitors).

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Council of Mortgage Lenders - Mortgage verification scheme to combat Fraud

Recently we have seen the formal launch of an important new scheme to combat mortgage application Fraud.

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Anti-Tax Avoidance – (3) The General Anti-Abuse Rule (GAAR)

The Government's seemingly endless war on Tax Avoidance continues.

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