Our Services

Pioneer offers a professional financial planning service to a variety of private, corporate and trust clients.

Private Clients:

  • Pioneer helps its clients and their families to achieve financial independence
  • This may be through a one-off advisory service on a specific issue, or
  • An annual on-going review service with implementation, management and oversight of investment
  • Pioneer may implement new solutions for its clients or review solutions already in place
  • Review and management of the financial wealth of the individual or their family – wealth preservation or progression
  • An inter-generational service wherein the young can start work on their lifetime financial plan or the senior generation where funding for Care Fees or Inheritance Tax planning may be key.


Corporate Clients:

  • Directors, Employers or Corporate Trustees in need of financial solutions for their companies or a service provided for the benefit and retention of their company’s staff
  • Implementation of key corporate financing or protection solutions
  • Planning solutions involving SSAS and SIPP, often using Commercial Property structures
  • Pre-retirement education through point of retirement and post-retirement solutions.


Trustee Clients:

  • Enabling financial solutions to ensure that Trust assets are managed and safeguarded in line with Trustee responsibilities
  • Personal Injury Settlement Trusts
  • Inheritance Tax Mitigation Trusts
  • Advice to Beneficiaries upon settlement of the Trust assets.


Liaison with other Professionals services:

  • Settlement of Estate upon Death
  • Advice regarding allocation of Pension assets upon Divorce
  • Expert witness on mis-selling of financial products and upon pensions in Divorce
  • Liaison with investment managers and stock brokers, for example, underlying SSAS and SIPP arrangement

Team Pioneer

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